Cat Mat and Bed Soft Plush with Crinkle Sound

SmartyKat, Crinkle Cloud, Cat Mat and Mattress, Snuggly Cat Rug, Mushy Plush, Fake Sheepskin, Light-weight, Machine Washable, with Crinkle Sound

  • SMARTYKAT Crinkle Cloud Plush Crinkle Cat Mat and Mattress is certain to make play and naptime enjoyable on your favourite feline pal.


  • ENTICING your cat to play, the crinkling of the feline mat excites and delights; the sound makes them consider prey rustling in bushes.
  • PROVIDING your cat with two of its ten fundamental wants, this product is enjoyable for playtime in addition to being a smooth spot on your furry pal to curve up and relaxation.
  • EASY to take care of, this cat mattress is mechanically cleanable
  • PERFECT for solo play and for restful catnaps, the mattress options dimensions of 15 x 15 x 2 inches, and weighs 2 kilos.


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