Cats Water Fountain Carbon Filters

  • GUARANTEED FIT: The one filter model assured to suit PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Multi-Pet and Plastic 360 Pet Fountains
  • FRESH WATER: Activated carbon water filter created from coconut shells removes dangerous tastes and odors from water, maintaining it contemporary; change each 2-4 weeks to take care of water freshness


PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Premium Carbon Filters, Canine and Cat Water Fountain Filters, 12 Pack 

  • 50% MORE CARBON: PetSafe Drinkwell branded filters include 50% extra carbon than generic manufacturers for higher and longer-lasting filtration
  • EXPERIENCE: PetSafe model has been an business main US producer of pet habits, containment and life-style merchandise since 1991, serving to hundreds of thousands of individuals and pets every year


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