Petlinks, Cutie Mouse Mat, Cat Activity Playmat

Petlinks, Cutie Mouse Mat, Cat Exercise Playmat, Interactive Cat Toy, Delicate Sturdy Plush, With Catnip, Mouse Toy, Crinkle, Feathers and Raffia

  • PETLINKS HappyNip Zippy Zebra is a zebra headed cat toy with extra-long feathers.
  • ENHANCES your cat’s play due to the extra-long feathers.


  • ACTIVATES the joys of the hunt for cats, encouraging interactive play and pet bonding.
  • FILLED with HappyNip, our thrilling mix of Silvervine and Catnip. Silvervine is stronger than catnip and sometimes cats that do not reply to catnip will reply to Silvervine.
  • MADE from recycled plastic to create fiberfill.
  • ALL cats have totally different reactions to catnip: cats do not develop a response to catnip till after 9 months of age, and never all react to it.

Guarantee: Satisfaction Assure

Bundle Dimensions: 1.0 x 5.0 x 6.0 inches


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