Stop Scratch Training Spray for Plants, Furniture, Floors

Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray, Cat Coaching Spray, Cease Scratch Coaching Spray, Cat Scratching Coaching Spray, for Crops, Furnishings, Flooring

  • This spray stops most cats from scratching furnishings and sofas.
  • Trains the cat to avoid the article or space sprayed – Nice citrus scent for you…..terrible scent to your feline buddy. Over time, the scent creates a NO GO and NO SCRATCH space to your cat.


  • Use on furnishings, crops, counter tops, draperies, vacation decorations. Cease utilizing messy, furnishings destroying cat spray in your valuables.
  • For greatest outcomes, you want to use 4 occasions per day for the each week. In the event you apply the coach solely a couple of times and count on quick and conclusive outcomes you could be disillusioned.
  • Mild botanical elements are efficient for many cats, so you possibly can defend your furnishings whereas having the proper pet companion.

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