Large Pet Door: Easy Installation for Ultimate Pet Freedom

This door provides my furry friends with the freedom to come and go as they please, eliminating the need for constant planning around bathroom breaks. The two-way locking system and the convenient closing panel option offer me control over my pet’s movements, ensuring their safety.

The straightforward installation process made it a DIY project, and the optional tunnel extension for thicker doors was a lifesaver. This large pet door is a must-have for pet owners seeking convenience and independence for their beloved cats and dogs.

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Transform your home into a pet-friendly haven with the PetSafe Staywell Large Pet Door. Say goodbye to the hassle of planning around bathroom breaks for your dogs and catsβ€”this door provides them with the freedom to move in and out at their leisure.

The simple DIY installation makes it a versatile solution for various doors and walls, including brick walls. Whether you have a wooden, metal, or PVC/uPVC door, this large pet door is designed to seamlessly integrate into your home.

The two-way locking system, coupled with the optional closing panel, offers pet parents convenient control over their pet’s access. Enjoy a stress-free and pet-friendly environment with the PetSafe Staywell Large Pet Door.

Ultimate Pet Freedom: The PetSafe Staywell Large Pet Door revolutionizes pet ownership by providing ultimate freedom to dogs and cats. No more planning around bathroom breaks; let your pets come and go as they please, promoting their independence and ensuring a stress-free environment. 🐾

Easy DIY Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installations! The PetSafe Staywell Large Pet Door is a simple DIY project, making it accessible for all pet owners. The package includes an easy-to-follow cutting template and installation guide, ensuring a hassle-free setup process for wooden, metal, or PVC/uPVC doors. πŸ› οΈ

Optional Tunnel Extension: Tailor the PetSafe Staywell Large Pet Door to your home’s needs with the optional tunnel extension. Perfect for thicker doors and walls, this extension (sold separately for the small size) ensures a snug fit, providing a seamless and secure entry point for your pets. πŸšͺ

Convenient Two-Way Locking System: Pet owners rejoice! The two-way locking system of the PetSafe Staywell Large Pet Door offers convenient control over your pet’s movements. Snap on the closing panel from the inside for added security and control, allowing you to manage your pet’s access with ease. πŸ”’

Versatile Compatibility: Whether you have brick walls, wooden, metal, or PVC/uPVC doors, the PetSafe Staywell Large Pet Door is designed to work seamlessly with various surfaces. The inclusive cutting template and installation guide make it adaptable to different home configurations, ensuring a universal fit for pet owners. 🏑

Year-Round Pet Accessibility: Enjoy year-round accessibility for your pets with the PetSafe Staywell Large Pet Door. No more waiting for bathroom breaks; this door allows your pets to venture outdoors and return at their convenience, making it an ideal addition to any pet-friendly household. 🌞


Feature Specification
Pet Door Size Large
DIY Installation Yes
Optional Tunnel Extension Sold Separately (For Small Size)
Two-Way Locking System Yes
Compatibility Works with Brick Walls, Wooden, Metal, PVC/uPVC Doors
Cutting Template and Guide Included


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