Automated Cat Feeder – Feed Your Feline Buddy with Precision and Ease

Automated Cat Feeder is the solution to ensuring that your furry friend receives the right portions of food at the right times, without any hassle. With the ability to provide up to 6 meals a day, this feeder lets you customize portion sizes from 1 to 50 parts, making it ideal for small and medium-sized pets. The large 4L food tank ensures your pet stays well-fed even when you’re away, and the anti-stuck function prevents those early morning wake-up calls or worrying when you’re traveling.

Easy-to-Read LCD Panel: Programming your pet’s meals is a breeze with the clear LCD panel, complete with detailed instructions. The LED indicator keeps you informed about the feeder’s status, while the built-in infrared sensor lets you know when food is running low or if there’s a blockage.

Secure Twist-Lock Storage: Keep your pet’s food fresh and secure with the twist-lock lid that’s designed to store dry kibbles sized between 0.07-0.6 inches (2-15mm) in diameter. Your pet’s meals will stay crunchy, flavorful, and safe from poaches.

Reliable Power Supply: Your pet will always get their meals on time, thanks to the Petlibro feeder’s reliable power supply. It operates on a 5V DC adapter and comes with the added security of three backup D-cell batteries (not included), ensuring your pet never misses a meal.

🕒 Customizable Feeding Schedule: Set your pet’s feeding schedule with precision, serving up to 6 meals per day.

🍽️ Portion Control: Control portion sizes with 1-50 parts (15ml each), catering to small and medium-sized pets.


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Anti-Stuck Function: No more worries about food blockages; your pet’s meals flow smoothly.

📟 Clear LCD Panel: Programming is straightforward, with a user-friendly LCD panel and LED indicators to keep you informed.

🔒 Twist-Lock Security: Ensure your pet’s food stays fresh and secure with the twist-lock lid.

🤖 Backup Power: Enjoy peace of mind with three backup D-cell batteries, ensuring your pet gets fed even during power outages.

🧳 Perfect for Travel: Travel without the stress of leaving your pet behind, knowing they’ll be fed on schedule.

🎙️ Voice Recorder: Record a comforting message for your pet with the built-in 10s voice recorder.

💚 Happy, Healthy Pets: Keep your furry friend well-fed, happy, and healthy, whether you’re at home or away.

The Petlibro Automated Cat Feeder is the answer to every pet owner’s feeding needs. Enjoy the convenience of customizing your pet’s feeding schedule and portion sizes with ease, while the anti-stuck function ensures smooth meal delivery. The clear LCD panel and LED indicators keep you informed, and the twist-lock lid secures your pet’s food. With backup power and a voice recorder for added reassurance, this feeder is perfect for travel and keeping your pet in the best of health. Invest in the Petlibro Automated Cat Feeder and ensure that your pet is always well-fed, happy, and content.

Simple-to-Learn LCD Panel: Program the feeding on the LCD panel with detailed directions; Clear LED indication let you already know each standing of the auto cat feeder, the built-in infrared sensor can simply let you know the state of affairs of inadequate meals or caught

Safe Twist-Lock Storage: PETLIBRO computerized pet feeder shops the correct quantity of meals (dry kibbles sized 0.07-0.6in / 2-15mm in diameter) to your pet with a twist-lock lid to maintain dry meals crunchy, flavorful, and safe from any poaches

Your Pet All the time Will get Meals: Auto cat feeder powered by a 5V DC adapter usually, with 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (NOT included) put in as backup energy provide. This clog-free auto cat meals dispenser with timer retains your pet fed persistently

Personalised Recordings:  computerized cat feeder means that you can document a 10s message calling your pet to the bowl earlier than time for supper, retaining your fur good friend fed recurrently and really feel secure & properly cared


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