Cossy House Cat Tunnel – 5-Way Collapsible Pet Play Tunnel with Bell & Soft Ball Toy for Cats, Pets, Kitties, and Rabbits – Portable Fun and Exercise

Take the Cossy House Cat Tunnel on the go to keep your pet entertained wherever you are! This 5-way collapsible tunnel, standing at about 9.8 inches tall and 11.4 inches long, folds down in seconds for easy travel and storage.

Its durable spring-steel frame and tear-resistant polyester ensure a safe and engaging space for your furry friend.

The dangling ball and soft ball toy at the exits add extra excitement, making it an ideal way to encourage daily exercise and keep your pet active.

Designed for interactive fun, the Cossy House Cat Tunnel offers more than traditional cat toys. The dangling ball at the exits provides endless entertainment, encouraging daily exercise for your pet.

The tunnel is made from ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel frame, ensuring it stands up to the most energetic cat antics without scratching or deformation.

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🌟 Portable Playtime: The Cossy House Cat Tunnel is the perfect solution for pet owners on the go. With its collapsible design, this 5-way tunnel is about 9.8 inches tall and 11.4 inches long, making it easy to take anywhere. Keep your pet engaged during travel or provide a stimulating environment at home.

🏡 Versatile Fun: Unlike traditional cat tents, scratch posts, or mouse toys, this kitty tunnel offers the most interactive and versatile fun. The addition of a dangling ball at the exits takes playtime to the next level, ensuring your pet stays active and engaged daily.

🐾 Encourages Daily Exercise: Daily exercise is essential for a happy and healthy pet. The Cossy House Cat Tunnel is an effective way to keep your furry friend active. The dangling ball not only adds excitement but also encourages your pet to move, jump, and explore, promoting overall well-being.

🧶 Dangling Ball Excitement: The highlight of this cat tunnel is the dangling ball at the exits. Cats love to swat, bat, and chase, and this added feature provides endless entertainment. Watch your pet engage in playful antics, keeping boredom at bay.

🛡️ Durable Construction: Built to withstand the craziest cat antics, the Cossy House Cat Tunnel boasts a sturdy spring-steel frame and tear-resistant 190T polyester taffeta. No need to worry about scratching or deformation—this tunnel is designed to last.

🧳 Easy Travel and Storage: The collapsible design of the tunnel allows for quick folding, making it effortless to travel with or store when not in use. Enjoy the convenience of bringing your pet’s favorite play space wherever you and your furry friend go.

🎉 Interactive Playtime: Make playtime interactive and exciting with the Cossy House Cat Tunnel. The multiple ways and the added bell and soft ball toy create an engaging environment, stimulating your pet’s senses and providing hours of enjoyment.

🐱 Safe and Protective: The sprung-steel frame includes protective ends, ensuring the safety of your pet during play. Let your cat explore, hide, and play without any concerns about the tunnel losing its shape or causing harm.

Q: Can this cat tunnel be used for rabbits as well? A: Absolutely! The Cossy House Cat Tunnel is suitable for cats, pets, kitties, and even rabbits. Its versatile design and engaging features make it an ideal play space for various small animals.

Q: Is the tunnel easy to clean? A: Yes, the tunnel is easy to clean. The tear-resistant polyester material allows for simple spot cleaning with a damp cloth. Additionally, the collapsible design makes it convenient to shake out any loose debris.

Q: How does the tunnel encourage exercise? A: The dangling ball at the exits adds an extra layer of excitement to playtime. Cats are naturally drawn to swatting and chasing the ball, promoting physical activity and exercise as they navigate through the tunnel.


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