Fountain of Hydration: The CLEEBOURG 2L Cat Water Fountain

Cat Water Fountain is a game-changer in pet hydration, offering your feline and canine companions a constant flow of clean, fresh water. With its three flow settings – gentle, mid-speed, and high-speed – this automated water dispenser entices pets to drink more, promoting their overall well-being.

Designed with a generous 2L (68oz) capacity, it ensures that cats, dogs, and pets of various sizes have access to water for days. Two replaceable filters come in the package, maintaining water purity and freshness.

The CLEEBOURG fountain is crafted from BPA-free, finely cleaned PP gum, and it’s equipped with a low-power 1.5W DC pump, ensuring tranquility for both you and your pets. The soothing sound of natural water flowing is all you’ll hear. Plus, it features a 24-hour professional service center, a full refund within 30 days, a 12-month warranty, and round-the-clock technical support.

1. Unmatched Hydration Experience 🌊
The CLEEBOURG Cat Water Fountain redefines pet hydration with its three distinct flow settings. Its gentle, mid-speed, and high-speed fountains are expertly designed to captivate pets, encouraging them to drink more and stay hydrated.

2. Ample Capacity for All Sizes 🐾
With a 2L (68oz) capacity, this fountain ensures that cats, dogs, and pets of various sizes have an uninterrupted supply of water for days. Say goodbye to constant refilling and hello to peace of mind.

3. Fresh and Pure Water Guaranteed 🍃
The CLEEBOURG fountain includes two replaceable filters, assuring that your pets enjoy consistently clean and pure water. It’s the perfect solution for maintaining their health and well-being.


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4. Safe Materials for Your Beloved Pets 🐾
Crafted from BPA-free materials and finely cleaned PP gum, this water fountain is not only functional but also safe for your pets. You can rest easy, knowing they’re sipping from a non-toxic source.

5. Whisper-Quiet Operation 🤫
Thanks to the 1.5W low-power consumption DC pump, the CLEEBOURG fountain operates with an almost imperceptible sound. It won’t disturb you or your pets’ rest, creating a tranquil environment.

6. Top-Notch Customer Support 🌟
Enjoy peace of mind with our 24-hour professional service center, a full refund option within 30 days, and a generous 12-month warranty. We’re here for you, offering 24/7/365 technical support to ensure your satisfaction.

7. Designed for Multiple Pets 🐕🐈
Whether you have a single cat, a dog, or multiple pets, the CLEEBOURG Cat Water Fountain accommodates them all. No more squabbles over who gets to drink next!

8. Easy Water Level Monitoring 👀
A clear window allows you to effortlessly monitor the water level, ensuring that your pets never run out of hydration. It’s convenient and practical.

9. Replacement Filters Included 🔄
The package comes with two replaceable filters, saving you the hassle of searching for replacements. Your pets will enjoy continuous access to fresh, filtered water.

Product Features Table:

Features Description
Flow Settings Gentle, Mid-speed, High-speed
Capacity 2L (68oz)
Filters 2 Replaceable Filters Included
Material BPA-Free, Finely Cleaned PP Gum
Pump Power 1.5W Low-Power DC Pump
Noise Level Whisper-Quiet Operation
Support and Warranty 24-hour Professional Service Center, 30-Day Refund, 12-Month Warranty
Technical Support 24/7/365 Availability
Multi-Pet Friendly Designed to accommodate multiple pets
Water Level Monitoring Clear Window for Easy Monitoring
Replacement Filters Two Included in the Package

This pet ingesting water fountain has 3 totally different water move capabilities: light fountain; mid-speed and high-speed fountain, which magnetize little animals to drink extra. You possibly can regulate it by swap on Pump.

Designed with 2L(68oz) giant capability holds sufficient water for cats, canine and different pets of varied sizes ingesting for days. Comes with 2 replaceable filters in bundle. Simply test water degree by clear window.

  • Our ingesting water fountain is made from finely cleaned PP gum and BPA free supplies. It detects low water degree to keep away from dry burning
  • With 1.5W low energy consumption DC pump, works tremendous quiet. No worries of disturbing you and your pets relaxation. You’ll solely hear gentle sound of pure water flowing.


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