Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed – Plush Diamond Grey Jumbo Sofa-Style Dog Bed with Bolsters

Provide your furry friend with the ultimate sleeping experience using the Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed. Covered in luxurious fake fur and featuring a classic sofa-style design in Diamond Grey, this jumbo-sized bed offers a plush and supportive surface.

Ideal for large dogs, the bed’s orthopedic foam and bolsters ensure a restful sleep, making it the perfect addition to your living room for your pet’s comfort.

The Furhaven Pet Dog Bed stands out with its easy-on-joints design. The egg crate orthopedic foam not only cushions pressure points but also distributes body weight evenly, promoting air circulation.

The fluffy-filled bolsters provide optimal support for your pet’s neck, back, hips, and joints, offering a cozy retreat for relaxation.

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🐾 Luxurious Sleep Surface: The sleep surface of the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed is a haven of comfort, covered with ultra-plush faux fur. The bolsters, wrapped in durable upholstery-grade textile, complete the soft-to-touch experience that pets cannot resist. Give your furry companion the luxury they deserve.

🛌 Joint-Friendly Comfort: Designed with your pet’s well-being in mind, this orthopedic pet bed offers a sleep solution that’s easy on joints. The egg crate foam technology cushions pressure points, distributes body weight evenly, and enhances air circulation. Your pet will experience restful sleep and wake up refreshed.

🌈 Stylish Color Options: Available in Diamond Grey, Diamond Brown, and Diamond Blue, the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed not only prioritizes comfort but also complements your home decor. Choose the color that suits your style, and let your pet enjoy a cozy and aesthetically pleasing resting spot.

🛋️ Versatile Size Options: Catering to pets of all sizes, the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed comes in Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, and Jumbo Plus sizes. Whether you have a petite pup or a large breed, there’s a perfect-sized bed to accommodate your furry friend’s needs.

🧼 Easy Maintenance: Furhaven understands the challenges of pet-related messes. The removable dog bed cover is fully machine washable, ensuring convenient and stress-free cleaning. Keep your living space and your pet’s bed fresh and hygienic effortlessly.

Q: Is the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed suitable for large breeds? A: Absolutely! The Furhaven Pet Dog Bed is available in Jumbo and Jumbo Plus sizes, specifically designed for larger breeds. The ample sleeping surface and orthopedic support make it an ideal choice for big dogs.

Q: Can I match the pet bed with my home decor? A: Yes, you can! The Furhaven Pet Dog Bed comes in three stylish variants: Diamond Grey, Diamond Brown, and Diamond Blue. Choose the color that complements your living space and adds a touch of sophistication.

Q: How do I clean the pet bed? A: Cleaning is a breeze. The removable cover of the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed is fully machine washable. Simply toss it in the washing machine, and you’ll have a fresh and clean bed for your pet in no time.


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