Protect Your Furniture with Scratch Guards: The Ultimate Cat Sofa Protector

Extensive Coverage: Say goodbye to scratched furniture. Unlike other cat deterrent tapes, Scratch Guards cat sofa protector sheets offer wider coverage, ensuring that your entire sofa is protected from your feline friend’s claws. It’s the ultimate solution to deter sofa scratching effectively.

Clear and Discreet: These transparent sheets blend seamlessly with your furniture, making them nearly invisible. You can maintain the beauty of your upholstery while keeping it scratch-free.


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Double-sided tape is designed to be compatible with most upholstery materials. You don’t have to worry about it damaging or leaving residue on your furniture. It’s a safe and reliable choice for your home.

Effective Cat Deterrent: Training your cat to avoid scratching the sofa has never been easier. These sheets act as a powerful deterrent, discouraging your feline friend from scratching where they shouldn’t. Protect your investment and maintain a harmonious home environment.

Easy Application: Applying Scratch Guards is a breeze. Simply peel and stick them to your furniture, and you’re all set. No complex installation or tools required. It’s a hassle-free solution to a common problem.

Invest in Scratch Guards and enjoy a scratch-free, harmonious home. Protect your beloved furniture without compromising its appearance. These clear and discreet cat sofa protector sheets offer extensive coverage, compatibility with various upholstery materials, and effective cat deterrent properties.

Double-sided tape is suitable with most upholstery materials (besides leather-based) and can be utilized on most surfaces.

Every cat scratch furnishings protector is comprised of sturdy supplies that naturally and humanely deter your kittys misplaced scratching.

The clear sheets are refined, efficient and go away no sticky residue after removing.

Our giant cat coaching tape sheets present a transparent, adhesive cat barrier wherever you want safety, leading to sticky paws for cats who simply wont go away your furnishings alone.


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