Grooming Cats Slicker Brush as Soft Massage

If your pet struggles with mats and tangles in their fur, this slicker brush is the solution. It effectively removes knots and mats, preventing them from becoming painful or uncomfortable for your furry friend.

This sturdy pet hair brush boasts a slip-resistant grip that offers you extra management over your brushing and helps reducehand, wrist, and arm pressure. Excellent for skilled Pet Groomers.

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Professional Grooming: The Professional Pet Slicker Brush is designed to provide your pet with a professional-level grooming experience. Its stainless steel pins are perfect for untangling knots, removing loose fur, and keeping your pet’s coat in optimal condition.

Gentle Massage: Beyond grooming, this brush offers a soothing and gentle massage experience for your cat or dog. The stainless steel pins are designed to be comfortable on your pet’s skin, making grooming a pleasant and enjoyable activity.

Shedding Control: Shedding can be a concern for pet owners, but this brush helps control it by removing loose undercoat fur. Regular use of this brush can reduce shedding, keeping your home cleaner and your pet’s coat healthier.

Painless, No-Pull Brush Design – The Benepaw bristle design helps to glide by your pet’s hair with out tugging and pulling to take away knots, tangles, and mats extra rigorously.

Together with canines and cats, our Pet Slicker Brush can be utilized on different widespread home pets together with horses, cows, rabbits, and extra!

It’s essential to maintain your canine or cat’s hair clear and freed from tangles and mats. If left unbrushed it may result in scorching spots, thick tangles, and dingy-looking coats.

That’s why we developed the Flying Pawfect Pet Slicker Brush to assist gently and safely take away extra hair from head to tail so their coat can proceed to really feel gentle and look radiant .

Designed with 50% longer and softer pins than an ordinary pet brush for canines and cats our Pet Slicker Brush glides by thick coats with out tugging or pulling hair, or scratching their pores and skin, for a calming therapeutic massage.

  • The pins are 1.8cm/0.7in lengthy


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