Cat Scratch Mat – Dark Grey Sisal Furniture Protector for Right Side – Scratching Pad for Cats – Sofa, Couch, Chair Guard

Give your cat the perfect spot to sharpen its claws with the Navaris Cat Scratch Mat. Designed for the right side of your sofa, couch, or armchair, this dark grey sisal mat serves as both a stylish protector and an irresistible scratching pad.

The natural sisal material is eco-friendly and safe, offering a satisfying texture for your feline friend while keeping your furniture scratch-free.

The Navaris Cat Scratch Mat is a dual-purpose furniture protector and claw care solution. With one half covered in durable sisal and the other in fabric, it seamlessly fits over the armrest and tucks under the seat cushion.

This innovative design allows your cat to indulge in a satisfying scratch session, maintaining their claws, while ensuring your sofa remains protected.

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🛋️ Furniture Protection at Its Best: The Navaris Cat Scratch Mat is your go-to solution for shielding furniture from scratches and damages. Never worry about coming home to unsightly marks on your sofa, couch, or chair. Enjoy peace of mind while your cat indulges in natural scratching behavior.

🌿 Natural Sisal for Eco-Friendly Scratching: Crafted from natural sisal, this furniture protector is not only eco-friendly but also non-toxic and safe for your cat. The sisal material provides the right amount of resistance for a satisfying scratch session, encouraging healthy claw care.

🐾 Claw Care Innovation: The unique design of the Navaris Cat Scratch Mat includes one half covered with sisal for scratching and the other with fabric. Simply place it over the armrest and tuck it under the seat cushion. Now, your cat can maintain its claws without compromising the integrity of your sofa.

🏠 Versatile Application: Specifically designed for the right side of your couch, the sofa guard extends along the armrest and a small part of the front. The hook and loop fastener ensure a secure fit, keeping the mat firmly in place. Protect your furniture with style and practicality.

🌈 Scratch & Play Delight: Make both your cat and yourself happy with the Navaris Cat Scratch Mat. The dark grey sisal mat not only serves as a furniture protector but also provides an enticing surface that deters cats from scratching other areas. Transform your couch into a delightful scratching and play zone.

Q: How does the Cat Scratch Mat protect furniture? A: The Navaris Cat Scratch Mat shields furniture by providing a designated scratching surface for your cat. Crafted from natural sisal, it offers a satisfying texture for scratching, preventing your cat from targeting other areas like rugs or carpets.

Q: Is the Cat Scratch Mat easy to install? A: Yes, installation is straightforward. Place the mat over the right side of your couch, wrapping the hook and loop fastener around the sofa legs to secure it in place. Tucking it under the seat cushion ensures a snug fit.


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