Double-Sided Cat Scratching Pads: Happy Cats, Healthy Furniture

Premium Corrugated Cardboard: These Cat Scratching Pads are crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly, and recyclable corrugated cardboard. They serve as the perfect outlet for your pet’s scratching instincts while protecting your furniture, making them a wise investment for any cat owner.

In summary, these Double-Sided Cat Scratching Pads offer a simple yet effective solution to satisfy your cat’s scratching instincts while preserving your furniture. Their durable, eco-friendly design and two-sided usability ensure long-lasting enjoyment for your feline companions.

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Two-Sided Design for Longevity: With a clever two-sided design, these scratching pads ensure a longer lifespan. When one side is heavily worn, simply flip it over to reveal a fresh scratching surface. This not only saves you money but also keeps your feline friend happily engaged.

Thick Edge Surrounded for Durability: The thick edge-surrounded design adds extra durability to these scratching pads. They are built to withstand vigorous scratching sessions, ensuring that they won’t easily fall apart. Plus, the charming images on the surface make scratching more engaging for your cat.

Happy and Healthy Cats: Regular use of these scratching pads helps keep your cats physically active and mentally stimulated. Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, and these pads provide them with an ideal outlet. Happy and content cats are less likely to exhibit destructive scratching on your furniture.

Easy and Mess-Free: These scratch boards are designed to be mess-free. Unlike carpet or fabric scratching posts, there are no loose fibers or fabrics that can create a mess in your home. The corrugated cardboard captures loose bits, keeping your space clean.

Value Pack: This set includes three scratching pads, ensuring that you have multiple options for your cat. Place them in different areas of your home to provide your pet with variety and reduce the wear and tear on your furniture.

Two-sided scratching pad: change one other aspect to make use of if one aspect is badly worn, which makes the scratching life last more.

Thick Edge Surrounded Design: makes it extra sturdy and broken-resistant, and with delicate image will increase extra enjoyable.

Straightforward to wash: no hassle to cope with these crumbles that peel off from the scratching pad, the bottom plate will gather all of them after they fall down.

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