Planet Urine CatScram, Ultrasonic Cat Housetraining Aid

Planet Urine CatScram, Ultrasonic Cat Housetraining Help, Cat Deterrent for Indoor or Out of doors Use, 6 to fifteen Foot Vary

  • KEEPS CATS AND KITTENS OUT – The CatScram coaching assist will assist preserve your curious cats out of rooms, off of furnishings, and away from home crops.


  • ELECTRIC CAT DETERRENT – This technique operates both with a 9V battery (not included) or with the included AC adapter measuring 6 ft
  • ULTRASONIC CAT REPELLENT – When movement is sensed, the CatScram will emit a collection of pulsating sound waves undesirable to cats
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE – Whereas this animal coaching device is nice in the home, it may also be used outdoor in weather-protected areas to discourage neighborhood cats
  • UP TO 15 FOOT RANGE – The CatScram is adjustable to your particular wants, however can cowl as much as a 15 foot vary or 225 sq. ft


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