Salvador Cat Tree with Constructed-in Sisal Scratching Pad & Look-Out Lounge

As a cat owner, the Salvador Cat Tree has been a game-changer! My feline friend absolutely loves the multi-tier design, especially the built-in sisal scratching pad. It’s sturdy, stylish, and provides endless entertainment.

The lookout lounge is her favorite spot to survey her kingdom. This cat tree is not just furniture; it’s a cat’s dream playground!

The MidWest Houses for Pets Cat Tree, known as the Salvador Cat Tree, is the perfect addition to any cat lover’s home. With its compact size measuring 22L x 17.75W x 30.75H inches, it fits seamlessly into any room. 🐾

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Place it near a sunny window to create a cozy perch for your cat to bask in the sunlight or position it in the living room for a stylish and functional piece of cat furniture.

The built-in sisal scratching pad and lookout lounge make it an ideal spot for your cat to play, scratch, and relax.

Sturdy Construction: The Salvador Cat Tree boasts a multi-tier design, providing a sturdy and stable structure for your cat’s playtime. Its whimsical base and support, combined with the ultra-soft mushroom-colored faux fur, make it a durable and attractive addition to your home.

Interactive Features: This cat tree is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a cat’s playground. With a platform perch and a fun lounging lookout, it offers interactive elements that keep your feline friend engaged and entertained for hours.

Sisal Scratching Pad: The constructed-in sisal scratching pad is a highlight feature, offering a tough and resilient surface for your cat’s scratching and grooming needs. Say goodbye to shredded furniture and hello to a designated scratching area that satisfies your cat’s instincts.

Easy Assembly: Setting up the cat tree is a breeze with the included tools. The straightforward assembly ensures that your cat can start enjoying its new play space in no time.

Designer Print Cloth: The ultra-soft faux fur in mushroom color, coupled with an engaging designer print cloth, adds a touch of style to this cat tree. It seamlessly blends into your home decor while providing a comfortable haven for your cat.

Compact Size: Measuring 22L x 17.75W x 30.75H inches, this cat tree is designed to fit into smaller spaces without compromising on functionality. It’s the perfect solution for apartment living or cozy corners in larger homes.

Entertainment Hub: Transform your home into an entertainment hub for your cat. Whether they’re scratching, climbing, or lounging, the Salvador Cat Tree offers diverse activities that cater to your cat’s natural instincts.

Health Benefits: Regular use of the sisal scratching pad promotes healthy scratching behavior, keeping your cat’s claws in top condition. The various tiers provide exercise opportunities, contributing to your cat’s overall well-being.

Feature Specification
Dimensions 22L x 17.75W x 30.75H inches
Material Ultra-soft faux fur, designer print cloth
Structure Multi-tier design with stable base and support
Scratching Pad Built-in sisal pad for tough and resilient scratching
Interactive Elements Platform perch, fun lounging lookout
Assembly Easy assembly with included tools
Design Stylish mushroom color with attractive designer print cloth
Size Compact size for versatile placement in any room

Ensure your cat’s happiness and well-being with the MidWest Houses for Pets Cat Tree – the Salvador Cat Tree, a perfect blend of style, functionality, and feline-friendly features!


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